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Code Of Conduct

With our basketball program, not only do we develop the ladies into basketball players, but we also want to mold them into outstanding young ladies. We want players and parents to understand that not only will you be representing our program, but you’re representing the Travis Air Force Base community. We want to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner when at tournaments, team events, and outings. We also want to demonstrate sportsmanship regardless of the outcome of games. In terms of team first, it’s very important to be a good and supportive teammate on and off the court. We do not tolerate poor sportsmanship and being a poor teammate. Education is also a huge thing in our program. We ask for the players to also focus on their school work and being a good student. AAU also requires commitment from players, parents, and coaches. It's important that the players, parents, and coaches are all on the same page and communicate with each other. We require and expect our players to hold their end of the code of conduct the same way our coaches and parents do. Failure to do so will result in consequences decided by the coaches.

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